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Empowering the construction industry.

Morwest Crane and Services proudly sources its equipment from Wolffkran Cranes, a renowned manufacturer based in Germany. Our longstanding partnership with Wolffkran is built on mutual trust and collaboration, reflecting our commitment to delivering excellence in the crane industry.

Recognized as a global leader in crane manufacturing, Wolffkran stands as a pinnacle of quality and innovation. In 2000, recognizing the superior standards upheld by Wolffkran, Wayne made the strategic decision to exclusively integrate Wolffkran tower cranes into our rental fleet, a testament to our dedication to offering nothing but the best to our customers.

Morwest Crane and Services maintains an exclusive partnership with Wolffkran, ensuring access to the highest quality tower cranes available worldwide.

Wolffkran tower cranes are renowned for their superior quality and boast the highest resale values in the industry, guaranteeing reliability and longevity for our clients’ projects.

With the recent addition of ten new Wolffkran cranes to our fleet in the past two years, Morwest Crane and Services has experienced remarkable growth, reflecting our ongoing commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

Wolffkran Tower Cranes: Driving Morwest's Growth

Wolffkran tower cranes are widely acknowledged for their unparalleled quality and exceptional resale value, setting the benchmark for excellence in the industry. With the recent addition of ten new cranes to our fleet over the past two years, MORWEST Crane and Services has witnessed remarkable growth, a testament to the trust and satisfaction of our clientele.

At MORWEST, customer satisfaction is paramount. We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing our clients with unparalleled service and support. As we continue to expand and innovate, our mission remains unchanged: to exceed expectations and set new standards of excellence in the crane rental industry.

Our Team

Wayne Morin
Owner/President Morwest Group
Mr. Morin founded the Morwest group nearly 40 years ago, beginning with specialty Derrick work. He has grown the Morwest group to own and operate nearly 100 tower cranes across Western Canada, Western USA and on the pacific islands. Mr. Morin has been a major part of the development of Western Canada, especially Calgary. His years of experience have allowed him to see the Morwest Group through many business cycles and he has been mentor to countless employees. His approach to his business and employees is that of a family, and this family extends to our clients. This is a major reason why Morwest is set apart from the rest of our competitors.

Chad Glavine
Chief Operating Officer |
Mr. Glavine started as a foreman for forming company and eventually moved into the crane operator’s seat. He worked for several years as a Tower Crane and Mobile crane operator. Mr. Glavine has been with the Morwest Group nearly 20 years and the technical expertise he has gained working under Mr. Morin has raised him to the COO level of the Morwest Group. Mr. Glavine leads by example and is never afraid to get back in the seat to ensure operations are moving smoothly. His attention to his clients, service provided, and constant communication makes him a unique asset to any construction project.

Gerard Fergus Dunphy
Chief Financial Officer |
Mr. Dunphy started his career working in the offshore oil and gas industry, specifically the shipping space. He then pursued an undergrad in business law and two master’s degrees in finance and derivative trading. Mr. Dunphy has worked with several companies procuring financing, grants, and contracts. By the age of 30, Mr. Dunphy had secured financing and funding worth over $100 million dollars for several clients. Mr. Dunphy’s schooling in finance and law provides our group with a different perspective when considering any project.

Amber Morin
Business Manager & Operations Manager |        
Ms. Morin has been working for the Morwest group for over 15 years. She started part-time and quickly grew to learn the ins and outs of day to day operations of the Morwest Group. Ms. Morin’s organizational skills combined with her attention to detail have provides the Morwest Group the stability required to run a sustainable business. Ms. Morin’s ability to understand what is happening both in the office and on the worksite is what allows for a smooth transition for new employees, proper billing and accurate documentation of the never ending cycle of business.

Damon Meyer
Field Operations Manager
Mr. Meyer is the longest-serving employee of the Morwest Group. Mr. Meyer has spent 17 years with the Morwest Group working under Mr. Morin. Mr. Meyer is one of the most experienced in the field when it comes to specialty operations, this includes climbing tower cranes, specialty derrick work, erection & dismantle and planning/engineering for complex jobs. Mr. Meyer is well known for being a team leader and often acts as the lead on jobs requiring particular attention to detail. Mr. Meyer understands the importance of safety in our industry and is a shining example of why Morwest has the best practices in the industry.

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